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about us

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like spaghetti? Did you know, there are millions of people who can’t enjoy spaghetti sauces because of acid reflux? So, STOP taking all of those over-the-counter drugs and come inside of the wonderful world of delicious sauce, with some of the best ingredients that are all healthy! One of our main missions is helping the public become aware of making more healthy choices in eating! We’d also love to make a unique difference in the lives of our customers by generating unlimited income to always give back to the homelessness, widowers and churches. Our Creator and CEO of Yvette’s Kitchen is a native of Ohio, and she currently lives in South Carolina. She has been making this special Sugoi Sauce for 18 years by consistently tweaking and perfecting it! The Japanese word, Sugoi, once meant awful, but our CEO says “They’ve changed it’s meaning to “Great, Amazing and WOW!” If you think that’s amazing, continue reading! Our creator quotes “I’ve always had a love and a passion for cooking, but gained and even greater desire to prepare healthy meals, after witnessing the health issues with my great grandmother and my mother.” And what better way is there to building back strong family ties, than conversations around the kitchen table? Yvette’s Kitchen LLC endeavors to create conversation space at your family kitchen tables, by providing her Sugoi Sauce to consumers all over the world starting at the beginning of 2021.


  • Our CEO, Millicent, has over 35 years of cooking experience. 

  • She recently had the pleasure and opportunity to work closely with the South Carolina State Consumer Food Safety Program through Clemson University’s Cooperative Extension!

  • She also completed her ServSafe Manager’s Certification, which gives her the ability to provide samples of her sauce to customers in grocery stores and to operate as a vendor at events.


You will taste the love in every bite, and the creator GUARANTEES it! Try it on a baked potato, your taco salad, a bread bowl or even pizza, your burgers, zucchini, salmon, peppers & MORE! Our CEO shares, “There are many testimonials pouring into our office, letting us know how good the sauce is, and also that this is their choice in sauces!” Yvette’s Kitchen LLC is starting locally and expanding globally to create a lot of jobs!

Our CEO would love to get a contract with even the school districts, and she also believes that internships with the High Schools will create a platform for entrepreneurs to continue into this legacy of healthy cooking skills. The foundation with the skill and knowledge earned, is given to those who want better! She quotes, "I’m amazed that this recipe I’ve been making for 18 years, is healthier than my competitors!" This special sauce has no preservatives in it, and has also been tested at Clemson University, with a nutritional label proving our facts against the other sauces. 


We want our customers to have the enjoying pleasure of purchasing Sugoi sauce tonight on their dinner tables by setting up installment payments during checkout.